Admission, Fees & Sessions

Fee Structure (from September 2018 to July 2019)

2½ year old fees:

Children will be eligible for 3 year old fees from the half term in which their 3rd birthday falls. 

If your child is in receipt of 2Help funding the below fees are only payable for those sessions booked over and above the 2Help funding your child receives.

3 year old fees:

30 hours free childcare - we accept children who are eligible to claim the 30 hours. Parents need to apply to see if they qualify to access this funding. Click here for more information and to apply.

*Each child is entitled to claim up to 15 hours a week in the term after their 3rd birthday.


Children taking school meals must pay for this separately. The cost is £2.64 per day from September 2018.

The cost of supervision for school and packed lunches is included in the figures above.

Voluntary Contributions

We ask for voluntary contributions per half term to help cover costs such as wipes, paper towels, snacks and other items used on a daily basis in Abacus. This is calculated at 7p per hour your child attends Abacus. Thank you for your understanding.